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About me 👩🏻‍💻

Hi! My name is Tania. I am an artist 🎨, an avid film watcher 🎞️, a traveler✈️, a problem-solver✔️, and a human being who cares deeply about bringing more empathy into the workplace and creating a lasting, meaningful impact on people's experiences through good design.

I am a user experience designer, meaning I design innovative, data-driven, and impactful solutions that work! Using the right mix of UX tools, I help drive smart business decisions through goal alignment and problem-framing before delivering powerful, value-driven design solutions that facilitate a more enjoyable digital experience for all users.

Background 🎓

A snippet about my educational and professional background.

A snippet about my educational and professional background.

Jun 2021 - Now

CVS Health

Previously at Sallie Mae & EX3 Labs

Oct - Dec 2020


March 2020

Graduate UCLA

I have since led the design of impactful, innovative, and data-driven digital solutions for a multitude of large businesses within the real estate, healthcare, financial services, and public sector. I also facilitate Design Thinking workshops, lead white-boarding exercises and Miro sessions, and help bring clients a fresh approach to solving large and complex business challenges from a human-centered lens.

The combination of my professional experience and my pursuit of creative arts allowed me to develop a natural inclination for UX/UI design, so I decided to shift my career toward this field. At Ironhack, I completed an intensive 3-month bootcamp with 400+ hours of learning and mentoring. It was after Ironhack that I finally began designing end-to-end experiences and products.

I graduated from UCLA in 2020, focusing my studies on business, psychology, and philosophy while taking on roles in marketing and product strategy. I worked in roles that focused on people - studying behavioral trends and patterns, learning about the human psyche, and working with focus groups to understand and enhance the user experience.

Toolbelt 🛠

A quick list of some, but not all, of the design, research, and agile tools that I use!







Adobe Xd.png

Adobe XD










Adobe Photoshop

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